Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet Vespa

Yesterday I (matt) had the privilege of helping out around the house where we are currently residing. Bob and Anita's little dog Scooter needed a trim. Since I used to moonlight as a groomer, I gave it a shot.



My innate groomer instincts told me to go with a doggy Euro Hawk because it just seemed to fit his mood, coloring, and helped revitalize his silver years.

No longer does he go by Scooter, that's so American. Now his friends call him Vespa... the Euro Scooter


Josh and Kristi said...

I kept wondering when the Vespa part was going to show up. Very funny! I get it now!

Laura Jean said...

HAHAHA I love it

Matt Mikalatos said...

Do you also do baby haircuts? Our baby needs a trim.