Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Honey's Home

Matt came home two nights ago from his three week trip to Slovenia. We'll post about the trip soon (and send out some email updates), but this post is more of a reflection on just how much I enjoy Matt!

He brings so much laughter to my life!

Today we were running errands and had to make a stop at the gas station. He noticed that the skinny white guy pumping our gas had some Chinese characters tattood on his arms.

"Wouldn't it be funny if this guy's tattoo artist told him this was the symbol for 'faithfulness' or 'strength' when really it means something like 'fuzzy Q-tip'?"

Yeah, his comments are often random - but I couldn't help laughing out loud!

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Kelly said...

My sister told me -- and she's a fairly good authority on all things celebrity -- that Britney Spears has a Chinese symbal tattoo. It's supposed to mean Crazy (the title of one of her albums) - but the literal translation means bizarre.

How fitting.