Friday, October 09, 2009

The Hibbs are off

This last week our good friends Peter & Jen Hibbs left for Australia with their two little ones. It was a bitter sweet day for us. On one hand we are sad to be absent from such close friends and on the other hand it was good to see them heading to the ministry God has prepared for them. Honestly it was personally encouraging for Sharon and me to see that it is possible to raise support and report to the mission field right now too.

As Peter was getting ready to walk through security I looked at him and said, "One day, dude, one day." You see we love the Hibbs and love doing life and ministry with them. So I was reminding him that one day we do just that again.

May God bless you and your ministry Hibbs. We love you.


Jen Hibbs said...

It was so strange to leave the airport that day with only Peter and I and not a whole team with us. We can't wait for the day the Lord may allow us to serve together. Sure love you guys!

Meta said...

I hope and pray your you that you'll be able to come to Slovenia soon. :)

Polona said...

I cant wait to have you in Slovenia! I'm praying for you and just so you know... you ARE amaziiiing and it was one of my days in States when we had picnic with you :)

Janell Hartley said...

I occassionally read through your blogs (my husband and I went through MBC the same time as Lynn, Sharon was my RD when I was an RA)and saw that you know Peter Hibbs. I carpooled to grade school with a kid named Peter Hibbs and based on the picture, I am pretty sure it is the same guy I had my 2nd grade crush on! Small world. :o) please tell Sharon hi from me. Smiles, Janell (Engeman) Hartley