Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nashville was amazing

Last Friday Sharon, Eliana, and I flew to Nashville to visit some dear friends and work on raising some support.

We got in Friday evening and Brandt Luke, (my first mentor), picked us up from the airport. It was so good to see him and to catch up on what God has done over the last few years. One thing I love about Brandt is that no matter how long its been since I've talked to him or seen him, he makes it so easy to jump in right where we left off. We got to his place and were very warmly greeted by his 4 wonderful kids and his wife, Shannon. We spent the long weekend thoroughly enjoying the really fun times and great conversations with our friends.

It was so encouraging and honestly just what we needed in the midst of this long process of raising support. . . Speaking of which, the Lukes introduced us to quite a few of their friends so that Sharon and I could share about what we will be doing in Slovenia. It was exciting to share our hearts and vision with others outside of our sphere and to watch God stirring something in TN. We hope and believe that God is opening some doors in the Nashville area for people to join participate in what the Lord is doing in Slovenia.

This trip was Eliana's first flight and she did better than we could ever have imagined. We were a little nervous after hearing many stories of kids that wouldn't stop screaming. Many people recommended Benedryl, but she slept most of the way without needing any medicine.


Shannon said...

We MISS you Eliana! Oh, and you too Sharon and Matt.

Lori Jackson said...

So glad you got time with Brandt and Shannon. We love them! Did you know their church send a team out here each summer? Glad it was so encouraging for the 3 of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon! Eliana is just adorable! Such a blessing to see you guys and how good you are doing! Just thought I'd say hi!
Emily Childers Nation

Trisha said...

So glad to hear you to a trip! We're praying for you guys and man your kiddo is CUTE!!! =)