Friday, April 30, 2010

GBCing it

This last couple weeks we have been busy going from small group to small group at Gresham Bible Church (GBC).

It all started months ago when some friends of ours, the Rau's, visited GBC and mentioned that they had some friends who are missionaries and needed a church to help send them as they go to Slovenia. Vergil, the pastor, said, "have them call me." So we did. At the end of January we met Vergil over lunch and discussed the possibility of partnering together to reach Slovenia. That meeting led to further meetings as we all dreamed about the possibilities.

Then 4 weeks ago GBC officially accepted Sharon, Eliana, and me as their missionaries. In that meeting, Vergil asked me if I could preach in two weeks. So a couple of weeks ago we got to stand up in front of the church to talk a bit about Slovenia and then I taught on Luke 9.21-27 which was the next lesson in the series. Since then we have had the privilege of going to lots of home groups to meet the people of GBC. Its been cool getting to see the life in this church plant thats 3 years old and the friendships that we are forming there.

Thanks be to God for His provision.


Mindy said...

wow this is great news. i'm so happy for you guys!

Tiana said...

Sweet! Hopefully they except the little growing one too! :) Would hate for them to miss that little Mormance.