Friday, August 06, 2010

First Impressions

We have been apartment hunting these last 2 weeks. A few days ago, after looking at 11 places, we made an offer on one of the places that we had seen on our first day of hunting. After we saw it, Sharon said, "That place feels like home." I, being the astute husband, took notice and figured that would be "the place" when it's all said and done, even though the place was under construction and didn't feel super homey.

Here is a shot of the living room.

The offer was accepted and now we are just waiting for the contracts to be drawn up and for the kitchen remodel to be done. We were hoping to get in this next week but it looks like we won't be able to move in until August 25th.

Here is our future kitchen where we'll cook some killer food that can be shared with university students and build community around our table.

Speaking of first impressions... we got to meet our new land lady 2 days ago. As we talked (through our real estate agent as our translator), about the apartment, utilities and all the fun details of moving in, the land lady seemed super cool. Hopefully we came across well in our first meeting too. I say that because about a week ago I started to come down with a rash called impetigo that I used to get every year as a kid. It's a staph infection that itches like crazy and can spread if you itch it.
So, due to my condition I looked like I had been roughed up in a street fight, and it looked a lot worse a few days ago.


Brandon said...

Please tell me your land lady is like Mrs. Majowski?

Anna Beth said...

Yahoo!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!!! It's been so long...

And it's beautiful and clean and bright! And strangely familiar--like a place Christina and I looked at when we were looking. I wonder if it is. I am SO glad you guys have a place that you like and feels home-y. Oh, I am SO glad. And even a new kitchen!! :) What fun!