Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mountain time

Each year during Kriz (the theological training time for university students) they head for the hills for a few days. Everyone stays at a hostel in the Alps and gets some solitude time to pray and hang out with God. Its also a bit of a break from the heavy teaching they've been drinking in all week.

We got some great hang out time with students.

Eliana made lots of friends.

The scenery was beautiful.

While up there I had a chance to go mountain climbing and summit my first Slovene mountain, Prisojnik. The crazy thing about this mighty hill is that there is a huge hole through the top of the mountain called "the window." We got to climb up through it on our 3000 ft elevation gain to the top. It was sweet, even though my camera battery died.

You can see the hole, which is like 70 feet high, in this photo.
Here is a shot looking back down through the hole. It's hard to see but in the bottom right of the picture there are some iron posts and cable that some crazy cats drilled into the mountain so we could climb this beast.


theda said...

So unbelievably beautiful. Thanks for the pictures and updates.

Dean and Tabs said...

I love these people! Oh looking at all these pictures makes that whole allergic reaction thing happen that the doctors can't do anything about...ugghh. Love you guys and so happy you're where God wants you!

Ariela said...

aaaaaa! It was nice to spent some time with you and can't wait to hang out more (and with adorable little lady too!)
I just love you and I'm so happy you're finally here with us <3

Tiana said...

I have so been there! Is that the triglavs? Went rafting ther is a sweet river! Oh I'm so coming to visit now! To see & climb mountains & to hang out with you guys!