Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ready for takeoff

We leave for Slovenia tomorrow!

The time has finally come and we are ready to go. It's been tough saying goodbye's for the last 2 weeks. I (matt) don't do well with goodbye's. In fact when saying "see ya'" I often have an allergic reaction where my eyes get irritated and begin to drain. Unfortunately the doctors say there is nothing they can do. And every now and then its contagious, so sorry if I infected you.

I said goodbye to my family last week and we are now in Tacoma, Washington saying our goodbye's to Sharon's family before we leave from Seattle to Europe tomorrow afternoon.

It has been great to be here for Hazel's' (Sharon's mom) birthday. She had some of her sisters from Australia in town, so its been a real treat to hang with the reli's (australian for relative).


The Stagers said...

Been praying for you and will continue to do so! We love you guys!

Meta said...

We are waiting for you guys! Cant wait to see you safetly here. Praying for a trip.
See ya soon. Meta

matt & cheryl said...


Mana said...

I think Josh has already picked you up so.. WELCOME + can't wait to finally meet you! :)