Sunday, July 25, 2010

In country

Before take off on Wednesday
Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Morrow

We arrived in country a few days ago and are trying to adjust to the time change, and by us I primarily mean Eliana.

Our trip - We were scheduled to leave at 4:30pm on Wednesday from Seattle but due to mechanical problems our flight was delayed 3 hours. That meant that we would miss our connection in Iceland (we had a 35 min. layover). But before we left Seattle they already had us rerouted through Norway and though it would add an extra 7 hours to our travel time, we would still make it.
By providence however, the airline superintendent upgraded me and my two and a half ladies to first class for the 8 hour flight to Iceland. SWEEEEET! The extra leg room and comfy seats were highly appreciated by Sharon, and I wasn't complaining as I sipped some fine red wine and ate my steak.
We got to Iceland and were herded from one flight to the next and were off to Norway. Upon arrival there we had 5+ hours to wait, so we got some lunch and our little girl who had no idea where she was let alone what time it was got a nap in her little tent in the middle of the Oslo airport. We hopped our last flight to Munich, Germany and got in at 9:00pm Thursday evening. Josh Patty met us there and we loaded up the van and started off on the 4 hour drive to Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was able to stay awake and enjoyed the silhouettes of the alps as we scurried through them on the way to our new home.
We got in to the Patty's around 2:30am and got to sleep around 3:45. Luckily jet lag kicked in and my thoroughly confused body was up a couple hours later.

My girls livin the vida loca in first class

Here is my sleep deprived girls in Norway


Mišo said...

welcome to slovenia guys!


matt & cheryl said...

Thanks for the update!!! i love feeling like part of the journey! and wow, eliana just looks so much older every time i see pictures! love you guys

Amy Guerino said...

So glad you are there. I'm praying as you adjust. Looking forward to further updates.

mommybrenda said...

So glad that you guys were able to have the upgrade to first class!! The pictures are wonderful, I don't think you guys could be a more photogenic family! cute, cute, cute

christinastanton said...

Im thinking about you guys so much!!

Anna Beth said...

Ha! :) Sharon, of course you're wearing heels and looking beautiful as you travel. I'm so excited for you guys. I'm thinking about you all the time, too!!!