Thursday, July 29, 2010

checkin out the town

Last Sunday Sharon and I got to walk around downtown Ljubljana. We had a fun time getting acquainted with our new home and getting a feel for the city. We also got a chance to pray and ask God to show us where we should live.

Here are some lovely girls in a lovely setting.

Here is the administration building for Ljubljana University
Eliana appreciating some Slovene art
And finally my hungry girls sitting down for
some much deserved pizza.

Please join us in prayer that God would show us which apartment to rent. One that would not only be a place of refuge for my girls but a place where students experience God's love and life changing community that they can't shake.


theda said...

Thanks for the updates. It's great to see you in country finally. Praying for the right place to live.

Alison said...

Makes my heart so happy to see you guys there. Praying for a place for you to call home.

Kim said...

Will definitely be praying! After just going through the experience of finding that God appointed place to live myself, I can relate and know that He will direct your every step.