Friday, July 16, 2010

Thanks Mimi and Papa

The last two weeks I (Eliana) got to live with my Mimi and Papa. My mom and dad needed a place to stay before they started the move to Slovenia. I loved my time with them. I got to do so many things. Like...

Watering the flowers,

Story time,


Chatting with Mimi,

Walking in the driveway (I love rocks),

Taking a break with Papa,

Riding the go-cart (I now know why some people call Mimi "speeder")

Eating good food (Mimi fed me PB&J and lots of cookies :)

I even got to play with great grandpa Mormance,

and see my cousins,
And more cousins,
I love my cousins,

imitate famous movie stars,

It was so good to spend so much time with family, I had so much fun
(I love my family so much)

And I love my Mimi and Papa SO MUCH!!!
Thanks for taking good care of me.


Josh and Stacy Mathews said...

She is growing up so much and so adorable!!!

mommybrenda said...

So precious. It will be really neat to see some of Slovenia from her point of view too. Blessings! Brenda

Jen Hibbs said...

Can't believe how big she is - love you guys!

matt & cheryl said...

SO good to see what's been happening. And to see you with the baby growing!...time sure flies. Love you guys and praying for you often.