Friday, August 05, 2011


This morning at breakfast . . . (I was dressed for the day but hadn't done my hair or makeup.)

Eliana: You do your face Mama?

Me: What do you mean?  Do I need to do my face?

Eliana: Yeah. . . you face crazy.

Me: What?!  My face is crazy?

Eliana: Yeah.  You hair crazy.  You face crazy.

Me: Hmmm. . . (here's where I give the short talk about how make up is something I do just for fun but ladies don't have to wear make up if they don't want to, beauty comes from the inside . . . etc. etc. . . and how she can wear make up when she is a grown up if she wants to.)

Eliana: I wear make up when I grown up?  I be married? 

Me: Oh you want to be married?

Eliana: Yeah.  I be married and look at the man.

Me: Um. . . what?

Eliana: I be married and I look at the daddy-man.

Me: Well, I hope you get married one day, but you have to look for a man as nice as Daddy, who loves Jesus more than anything, k?

Eliana: Ok mama.


tcw said...

Oh I love this. Love you guys and miss you all! We should skype soon.

SLOVERBIA TEAM 2009 said...

so funny!

Erin joy