Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Trip to the ER

Matt called a couple hours ago - from the Emergency Room in Ljubljana.

Yeah, I kinda froze when I heard him say that too.

But he is just helping by driving guys who get hurt in to the hospital (a two hour drive each way).  Apparently the clinic near the village where the camp is being held can't do much - at all.  And the ambulance crew who is on standby is only available for BIG emergencies . . . Hmmm. . .

Matt woke up this morning and was asking the Lord for more opportunities to help Mihael, the guy putting on the camp.  An opportunity came up a few hours later - not quite what Matt had in mind, but it is a huge help to Mihael.  A guy broke his arm and another broke some ribs.  Mihael was going to make the drive to Ljubljana to take them to the hospital but Matt volunteered so that Mihael could stay at camp. (Mihael already made an ER run to Ljubljana a few days ago - he didn't get back to camp until 5am the next morning.)

So, right now Matt is hanging out with a dude from Germany, a 19 year-old guy from Slovakia (and his 17 year old girlfriend).  They don't speak much English, but it sounds like Matt is keeping them entertained in the ER.  (They have been there for HOURS already!)

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