Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mom's away

Today, Sharon left for the JV women's conference in Austria.  She'll be gone for 3 nights 4 days and honestly I am so glad.  I love working for JV and this is just one of the reasons... they take care of the women!

Really, its easy to get burnt out when women are doing overseas missions.  They work really hard, whether they are single and trying to do so much life and ministry on their own or if they are married and do so much around the house, taking care of the kiddos, constantly hosting events, and do ministry in their abundant "free time."  So hats off to the ladies and hope you have a great conference and get built into and encouraged.

Sharon was also gone for last weekend too to help mentor some slovene ladies at a retreat.  SO the kids and I will be Sharonless for almost a week.  We will survive and we pray mom thrives during this time.

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The Reluctant Missionary said...

It was fun to read such a tribute to my ladies. Thanks for the shout out and support of your wife. I truly cherished a lunch that I had with your wife, it's only taken a few years to get some time together! You've got a wonderfully gentle and sincere woman!