Friday, February 24, 2012


Tuesday here was a holiday called Pust.  I don't know all the history of the holiday but I do know that people dress up in crazy costumes like they do back in the States for Halloween.  So, when Kristi Patty offered to take Eliana out to the movies (as a birthday present) with Kendra and Luka she let me know that her kids would be going in costume.  Luckily we had a Snow White costume on hand from Cousin Claire.

I love the high tops!  They make the outfit dontcha think?  Today she is still talking about her time with Kendra, Luka and Kristi - and the movie they watched (Puss In Boots - though she has a hard time remembering his name and keeps calling him Booster Seat).


JudiandBob said...

Is the celebration like Mardi Gras? It was the same day. So fun that Peter got to visit you! Your kids are so adorable. Love the funny faces in the previous post.

Josh and Kristi said...

Oh I just now saw this! I'm so glad you took a photo of them! What a memorable time we had! Love that our kids will grow up together!