Friday, February 24, 2012

He Passed!

This is Matt with the car he drove during his 9 (individual) hours of driver's education here in Slovenia.  

I know - driver's ed?!  Sheesh, he's been driving for almost 30 years!  (For those of you doing them math, when he was a kid his dad built him a really cool "car" out of a go-cart engine, complete with a stick shift.)  

Anyways, in order to get a Slovene license here you have to wait until 6 months after you get your residency permit, then you have another 6 months in which to do the "short" version of getting your license.  Matt was able to do the "short" version which kept the total cost of getting a Slovene license to just under $500.  And he passed the test on his first try!  (Most have to take it several times before passing.)

I think this week begins my six month window for getting my Slovene license.  Sigh . . . driver's ed, here I come.


Tanja said...

YES!!! I was thinking about that the other day! BRAVO!!
And GOOD job on picking the right avto šola ;)

carol Bardwell said...

Your little girls are so beautiful! I have many fond memories of our times together at M. in Portland.
Carol Bardwell

Melissa said...

woot woot! :-)