Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friends from the States

We recently had a couple friends visit from the States.

Kelly Willbanks stopped by on her way back from a work related trip to England.  Really enjoyed our time with Kelly.  She and her husband Tre are expecting their first baby about a month after our little baby is due.  She is also a doula and brought her little gizmo so I could listen to our baby's heartbeat. I wish I had gotten more photos with Kelly.  For some reason almost all of the ones I took were really washed out.  We loved getting to spend some time with her and show her a glimpse of life here in Ljubljana.

This is Peter Hibbs.  If you look waaaayyy back in the archives of this blog you'll see a lot of photos of us with him and his wife, Jen.

Peter and Jen got married 6 days before us.  We attended Multnomah together.  We served together in Lithuania with Campus Crusade for two years. The Hibbs also struggled through a season of infertility the same time that we did, (though their time was punctuated with the loss of quite a few babies who never made it to full-term.)  They just had their third child about 5 months ago.  :-)  

We've been through a lot with Peter and Jen so it was a real treat that he was able to visit us briefly on his way back from a work trip to Spain.  He knows us well and he understands life and ministry overseas.  And our kids adored him! 

We are so grateful for the friends God has given us!

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matt & cheryl said...

love that peter got to visit you guys. :)