Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kriz training

Do you remember me talking about Kriz last summer?  It is the intense 2-week Bible training that JV does for it's college students during the summer time.  We also meet once a month for them to get ongoing training.  (And by "we" I mean I get to go when these training times are held at our house - probably about every 4 months or so.)

Well, a few weeks back it was at our house again.  Yay!  Hondo (who coordinates it all) was using the illustrating of rock climbing  and belaying to teach about how we are all connected together and how we all need each other.  He called earlier to ask if he could tie a rope around our kitchen island and have the rope go outside, onto our balcony and have them take turns getting to experience dangling from the rope.

Hmmm . . . . . long pause.

Though we loved the idea in theory, all I could think of was how this would rip up the plaster on our walls, it was literally freezing outside, and I was trying to think of how our landlady (who lives right below us) might respond when she saw students hanging off our balcony and staring into her big picture windows.  Kinda makes me laugh when I think about it actually.

So, we asked Hondo if he could come up with a plan B, which he did.

He had them put on the gear (helmet included) and simply lean backwards off the step in our living room.

Hondo began by demonstrating what he was asking them to do:

Here is Alex giving it a try.

Naja was a little more hesitant to try. . . but she looked so crazy cute while she was trying.

Just hanging out after the teaching time was over.

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