Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mana's graduation

Back in December we had the opportunity to go to Mana's graduation from Bible College in Hungary.  The drive there was stressful - a detour was making us take small mountain roads way out of the way . . . I reeeeally wanted to get there in time for the dinner before the graduation.  We were the only ones coming as her special guests to the dinner.  GPS was acting up. . . funny thing was the GPS actually died right after the one turn that we really needed help with the most.  We got there about half an hour late but still in good time to enjoy the dinner and to get to know some of her friends.  Here are some photos from the night:

Alex, one of our college students made the trip with us.

We got to meet several of her teachers.  

The Patty family came up for the ceremony too - and drove the 4 hours back that same night!  Wow!

With two small kids in tow, we knew we couldn't do a turn-around trip like that so we stayed in a guest room in the dorm.  

(Ahh dorm life how I've missed you - ok well, I miss having my own apartment with my own bathroom in the dorm like I had when I was an RD.  Hehe.)

We loved getting to hang out with her and her friends after the ceremony, hanging out in the cafe, playing games. (I really really love the good baby monitors we have so that I could put the kids down in our room and go enjoy time with Mana's friends upstairs in the cafe.)

Isn't Mana beautiful?  She simply glowed the whole time we were there!

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