Monday, April 16, 2012

Suspicious photos

Recently I downloaded the photos from my phone to my computer . . . and I discovered a suspicious series of photos.  My first thought was, "I don't even remember taking these - when did I take these and why???" It was the perspective of the shots (as well as the subject matter) that clued me in . . . hehe.  Check them out:

#1 Not a bad shot actually . . .but it goes downhill from here.

 #2 Cropping - yeah.  Need to work on that.

 #3  Maia had some paparazzi.

 #4 Um . . . is that a pull-up in her hand??

#5 This shot definitely was not taken by someone taller than 2 1/2 feet tall!

 #6 Final shot - I laughed when I first saw it . . .and then realized this photo shoot could have had a very bad ending.  Just glad that my phone didn't get dropped in the toilet!


Marc Peter said...

Looks like you've got a little photographer (and a sneaky one, at that) on your hands! :)

Maja said...

Love it. :)