Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Having my parents here to help with our kids during Kriz was . . . incredible . . . at so many different levels.

* It freed me up to really be able to enter in to my times of teaching at mentoring at Kriz.

* It was the first time they have been able to visit us during our 4 years of living in Europe (2 years here and 2 years in Lithuania)

* It was the first time they got to meet their grandson, Alex.

* It gave me many great moments of "downtime" with them.  So often when we visit them in the States we only have 4 or 5 days to spend with them at a time, and we work hard to squeeze a whole lot of special times in.  (They live in Washington, about 2 1/2 hours from where we used to live in Portland.)

Oh, my list could go on, but I think instead I will let these photos tell some of the story of their visit here:

Oh how very thankful I am for their visit here!

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Anonymous said...

loved seeing the grandparents visiting pics! -Duncan