Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trust Fall at Kriz

(I just wrote this for our email update. . . . but I've included more photos here on the blog.)

During Kriz (the two week training time in Bible and theology), Matt led the students in a trust fall.  I just spent some time looking through the photos from Kriz - but it was the photos he took of the trust fall that struck me the most.  He took a photo of about half the students before they fell and another one mid-fall.  I began to notice a pattern:  

Alex trust fall b4
As each person 

prepared to fall,

their faces were filled 

with a mixture of 




& fear;

But . . .

once they made the decision

to fall . . .

and they took a

step of faith

past the point of no return

their countenance

completely changed

every time!

Their faces changed to reflect



 but mostly


Here in the blog I can share more before and during photos:






As I sat and reflected on what I saw in the photos I felt the Lord was asking,
 "Isn't it the same with you?"  
And I had to admit it was true.  

How often do I let myself stand "on the top of the wall," my heart filled with fear and anxiousness, wondering if God really will come through for me. 

 But once I step out in faith, trusting God's power, His goodness and His love, the fear melts away and is replaced with his peace!

Oh that I will trust Him more quickly each time!

Kriz group hug


Group hug after the trust fall was done.


Nicole Norman said...

Hi Sharon, It's so cool to see how God is providing for you, Matt and your family in such amazing ways! And you get to share the treasure of Jesus and His Gospel with so many! I'm cheering for you from home and praying for God to continue to rescue, save and change hearts and lives, through the His Spirit that lives in you.
With great HOPE because of Jesus!

Anna Beth said...

ooooo....I love this! Thanks for sharing!!

Maja said...

So true! :)