Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Day in The Dorms

Well yesterday we were at the dorms again at Kaunas Tech University and Sharon and I were knocking on dorm room doors doing surveys. We were asking students some questions about themselves and about life. We had a great time talking with and listening to different students as we tried to understand what its like to be a university student in Kaunas. Two guys stood out though. They invited us into their room and we sat down on their beds to talk. We explained who we were and that we were trying to get to know students and get an idea of what they thought about spiritual things. We asked them some basics about themselves and then asked some harder questions, like what happens after death, who was Jesus, and what is your purpose in life? We all had a good time talking about these questions and joking around and when they were done answering, one of the guys ran through the list of questions on us to see how we would answer them. It was great to tell them who we think Jesus is, the hope He has given us, and all that He has done in our lives. I (Matt) am hoping to hang out again with these guys soon and show them more of the Jesus I know.
On the way home we hopped off the mini bus (form of public transportation consisting of a van driven by crazy man that weaves through heavy traffic) and got a kebabai (meat substance and cabbage wrapped in a tortilla like shell) and went for a walk in the park where leaves had accumulated. We sat down to watch the leaves fall as we prayed for all the students we met and to talk about our day. As we chatted I enjoyed my kababai and I thanked God for the animal that He created with which they used to make theses tasty treats, whatever that animal may be.


Anna's mom said...

"whatever that animal" :) thanks for the early morning chuckle. I give thanks to God for your earnestness and the hope of the gospel!
Love from
Liz Stepanian

julia said...

be careful, eh? we've all experienced what eating yummy tasting animals in foreign countries can do to your digestive tract... :) I miss you two dearly and am so excited to hear about all these exciting beginnings and relationships!

Erin joy said...

As I read of your inneractions with the students I found myself getting jealous of the relationships they are going to be developing with you guys and they you. Not the kind of Jealousy that causes one to do harmful things =) just excited because I know your all in for some sweet times.