Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Livin' in Senamiestyje (Old Town Kaunas)

How amazing is it to be here in Kaunas living amongst so much history and beauty. It is a great time of year as the warmth from the summer fades into the crispness of fall. The leaves loose there life and begin to burn with the colors of autumn and we get to stand back and watch natures show. Though their is amazing beauty all around us we also find ourselves not as enamored with all the cute and fun things the culture greeted us with. In fact its easy to get frustrated with daily stuff that is small yet gets to you. Case and point, cobble stone streets are adorable, until you walk them every day and have almost twisted your ankle 5 times. Yet in all we are still very excited to be here and are thrilled to see how God is going to change this town as He ushers in the Kingdom of God more on this earth, and more in Kaunas Lithuania.


Tiana said...

Thanks so much for the photos. I love to see them. I was reminded today that you have been gone for a month. Wow. Time flies. I continue to pray that you would find your "home" among the natives.
Love you both

Erin Joy said...

It makes oregon look dreary! It nice to be able to picture where you guys are at and it makes you guys feel not so far away....eventhough it looks like a whole other world.

Anonymous said...

mmm... coble stones. sounds so romantic and alluring. brings back fond memories of my visits to england. but, yes, twisting your ankle is not good.

thanks for the updates. i miss you guys a lot, and i love you.

you're in my daily prayers. keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

take care,