Monday, October 15, 2007


The days of wearing long johns and bundling up in blankets are back!

I think they came earlier this year.

This is a photo of Matt wearing a jacket I have lovingly called "Big Red" - a gift from some friends back home.

PS This post was written by Sharon


Krista said...

I heard that it is supposed to snow on Saturday...does that mean that it will reach you by Sunday? I need to get a nice red coat, we've got some learning to do when it comes to staying warm!

Melissa said...

I took that photo! :-) ah... I love you guys!

cheryl said...

love and miss you guys :)...i finally have skype now...i'd LOVE to talk. just have to figure out how to use it fully. :)

Kellie said...

Matt, I love YOUR red coat. It looks great on you! I bet it keeps you nice and toasty during the winter! ;)