Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Taste Test

So, to let you into some of our team life, one of our traditions here in LT has been to meet for staff meeting and then have dinner together as a team. Last year we decided to have taste tests as a part of team dinner so that we could get to know different foods and products here in LT. So, over the last year we have done numerous tests (chocolate, crazy fruits, crackers, cookies, cake etc). The rule is that the person hosting dinner that night gets to pick the item to test and everyone brings something from that category. A few weeks ago I picked crazy cheeses that people have seen in the deli section but were too afraid to try them. It was fun, we had a funky green one called darby sage and some stinky selections too. One of the odoriferous samples was orange, moldy, and the girls weren't to fond of as you can see. I (Matt) however loved it and savored the so called stink. I won't mention who has the refined palette on our team.

Tonight it was Kellie's turn and she picked gum. So we all brought different types of gum to test. Here are some fun pics.
Just so you know Stimrol won out over Hubba Bubba.

If you have ideas of things we should try for a new taste test post a comment. We're always looking for new ideas.


Anonymous said...

salad dressing
erin joy

Anonymous said...

how about trying pickled items? No seafood; right Sharon?