Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The First Agape Night

Last Wednesday we had our first Agape night for this school year. It went really well!

Nine students showed up and we had a great time eating dinner and discussing the topic of humor. Jen was in charge of the theme for that night and she chose to use a format called "story of the soul." This is a Crusade idea for small groups that is built on the premise that there are elements of our lives that show us that our souls are telling us a story which points to God. So we looked at and discussed different pieces of art and media that related to the topic of humor and why we find things funny. After much discussion about the topic, Peter suggested that we find humor in things because we are made in the image of God, and God has a sense of humor. I think the students found it fascinating and were stretched in their understanding of God. It was a good night, I am excited to see what will happen in this area of our ministry here in Lithuania.

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Anonymous said...

i like the shelves sharon! Guys its so cool to hear your stories, I love it! we should have agape nights here =)
erin joy