Monday, March 17, 2008

Church Life

Yesterday, Matt had the opportunity to preach again at our church here in Kaunas. I know I'm biased, but he did a great job! (Kristina, one of our Agape students, did a great job translating!) It was a simple but clear message on our need for reconciliation - not only with God, but with others too. The point that seemed to impact people the most, is that time ≠ reconciliation. Somehow, we often think that if we let enough time pass, and things have settled down, that "everything is ok." But that is not the same as saying, "I'm sorry for what I did/said."

So, while I'm on the topic of church, here are a couple more random facts about church life in Lithuania. They used to seem weird to me, now I'm used to them . . .well, most of them:

- It's normal and acceptable to make change in the offering plate.

- Since English is known mostly just by the younger people, it doesn't matter what songs are put on as background music after church is over. (My personal favorite is when they play Shania Twain.)

- We celebrate communion using a common cup . . . of grape juice. (To read more on our thoughts on this topic, check out this previous post.)

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