Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Church

Yesterday afternoon, Matt, Jason, Kellie and I visited a home church we were invited to here in Kaunas. I (Sharon) was struck by two thoughts as I visited this group for the first time:

First, how awkward it always is to visit a new church of any kind. There is always the challenge of trying to figure out when you should stand, sit, sing, pray out loud, pray to yourself etc.

And second, when you walk into a room of fellow believers, there is always an instant connection with those who also have the Holy Spirit inside of them. Your soul immediately feels at peace knowing that these new friends are on a very similar journey of learning to walk with Jesus. And somehow, this kinship overrides any awkwardness that comes from trying to figure out the "norms" of being in a new group.

Visiting the precious little church of passionate young believers refreshed my spirit!

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Amy Guerino said...

Matt and Sharon,
Would you consider posting a comment on my blog about Sudan....what struck you about the place, what you learned in going, etc.? We just sent our first team from Harvest and those who have sent loved ones would be encouraged by your thoughts.