Friday, November 26, 2010

one hot girl on a cold day

This has been a trying week.  Sharon felt horrible on Monday and had a little bit of a fever.  She recovered quickly though and felt pretty good by Tuesday.  But it was then that Eliana started getting sick and running a fever.  She seemed to be doing better on Wednesday so we figured it was kind of a 24 hour thing like Sharon's bought.  Until Wednesday evening when her fever ramped up and she started shaking and moaning incestantly.  We took her temperature and she was reading 104.5 so we called the Jacksons to figure out where the emergency room is and what to expect.  We arrived at the hospital around 8 pm.  Once there the doctor examined her and called for some tests.  They drew some blood and started an i.v. to get her hydrated.  After 4+ hours we were released and told to come back the next day (Thanksgiving).  They were concerned but not enough to admit her.

So we went back to the ER yesterday and they ran some more tests and found that she was doing a bit better.  The doctor ruled out pneumonia and said its just a viral thing that needs to run its course.  So we are watching her and giving her ibuprofen every 6 hours to keep the fever down.  Thank God that we just got some kids medicines in a package from the States recently (thanks!!).
Last night Eliana spiked a fever of 104.5 again but it didn't last too long.  She also hit the 105.1 mark this morning but after the medicine kicked in it dropped down close to normal.  She is feeling alright for the most part and is playing and mostly happy when the meds are keeping her fever low.

Also, it snowed today here in Ljubljana!  It started dusting around 9-10am and hasn't really quit.  I think we have around 6 inches.  Eliana hasn't seen much snow so today was a special treat for her.  I also taught her the ancient art of snow eating and how to choose the right stuff to consume.

It's always tough when a kid gets sick but the timing of this illness was also difficult since we were supposed to be at a Thanksgiving retreat for the JV missionaries of the southern countries.  It's brutal to spend Thanksgiving away from family and friends.

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Hey friends-- so sorry to hear about the sickness in your family this week... we'll be praying for you!