Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horse Play

A couple days ago I met up with Miha, a dude from church, and we went out cruising on my longboards. It was his first time and he did amazingly well. We kicked around the center and then out to the HOT HORSE stand near Tivoli Park. We grabbed some finger lickin chow and chatted for a while about life in Slovenia. It was a fun afternoon.

For those of you who don't know, Hot Horse is a fast food chain here in SLO. They specialize in Horse Burgers with all kinds of fun topings. I had one with nacho cheese, onions, and tobasco. And let me tell you even though that old mare had given her life to nourish mine, she still packs quite a kick. (For all you horse lovers out there - please don't hate me.)

One of the cool things about Ljubljana is that it is fairly small for a capitol city. There are around 280,000 people and its amazing how small it feels. I don't know that many people yet and I see some of the few people I know kinda often. In fact I saw 3 different people as Miha and I were out and about the other day.
Quaint is a good word for our beautiful city.

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Neja said...

Glad you like it! But I am sure my kebab was better ;) It was good to see you!