Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rolam Y'all

Rolam: Slovene for "I skate"

While in Lithuania I never found a good hobby that gets me out and encourages exercise too.  So before we came to SLO I wanted to get a long board so could get around town, burn some calories, and not get cabin fever (which I am fairly prone to contracting).

Weather permitting I skate thorough the center of town each weekday on my way to my Slovene classes.  Its always fun for me dodging people, cars, and sometimes buses as I bob and weave through the city.  It gives me time to pray so I thank God frequently that Ljubljana has bike paths around much of the city.

Since longboards aren't common I often get funny glares from the old ladies and envious glances from the 8 year old boys.  Today however, was a good day for boarding.  Now you need to know that I have had some wonderfully humiliating times riding around town.  I have had some good crashes, some sweet spills, and one wicked slide that put me face down spread out in the middle of a crosswalk in one of the busiest intersections in the country; right in front of a bus of spectators.  Ugh.  There have been some highlights too.  Like hanging on to the back of a moped as some dude pulled me through some crazy city streets doing 25mph, even across cobblestone.  It got the adrenaline pumpin.  Another time Gašper and I grabbed onto the back of a big utility truck and got towed around Old Town. But today, was the first time to be hit by a car!  I knew this day would come and luckily it was very minor.  I and my board rolled away unscathed with only minor pride damages.  I was shooting a crosswalk when a lady in a Yugo came cruising and was only looking at traffic to her left and NOT me to her right.  She saw me at the last second and slammed on the breaks.  I barely rolled up on her hood.  Close is for horseshoes and hand grenades right?

Then later today I was pushin across town and on my way back went into our neighborhood market. There I was stoked to meet another longboarder in the check out line.  Mind you this is the 3rd other longboard I've seen in SLO and he lives 1 block from me.  We started chattin and exchanged numbers so we can go ride sometime.  I've been praying for someone outside the church to build a friendship with and practice Slovene.  We'll see what God's up to.

A good day for boarding indeed!

I realized I don't have any photos of me on my board so here is something even better.  It is a clip of Barbara and Maja on my boards thrashin around Lake Bled.


Polona said...

oooo nice memories and I LOVE Eliana's dress! So sweeeet :O)

Anonymous said...

Got your call. Want you to know our kids STILL talk about "Matt" and how they want to be like you. Thankful for you and Sharon (and of course Eliana and not yet met Maia).

Thanks for thinking of me.