Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A bucket half full kinda guy

My wife has told me many times that I am the optimist and she is the realist. Though I don't always agree that realist is the counterpoint to an optimist and I have at times loving mentioned that she might be a word that rhymes with bessimist. I do however fully concede that I tend towards a glass half full perspective on life.

Well it was an interesting weekend here in Slovenia. It started raining on Friday morning when we went to the hospital and didn't quit until Sunday morning. Now I used to live in Oregon and let me tell you, I know rain. But this wasn't that drizzle that lasts for months, this was a downpour, a deluge if you will.

So Saturday morning I woke up to a very steady drip coming out of the light fixture and surrounding sheet rock in our living room. It had made quite a puddle in our living on the not so hardwood floors. Luckily the new rug we bought was soaking some of it up though. So I got buckets to catch the effects of the new shower in our house. Then the wheels started turning. I was annoyed by the incessant dripping and splashing, so I created a miniature slip-n-slide to help the water reach its home. I cut a 1.5 liter bottle in half to create a funnel and then draped a strip of plastic and clothes pins to make a cascading water feature for our viewing enjoyment. The only issue now was to keep our 1 1/2 year old from enjoying it too much.

Now a lot of people here in Ljubljana were not too happy about the many inches of rainfall we had, especially those whose houses were affected by the flooding. I for one was thrilled about it. This storm allowed me to see the places were our roof leaks.


Tiana said...

Oh Matt, your such an amazing inventor and fun guy! Not to be confused with fun-gi as you would say. Congrats on your new little girl too! She has some awesome parents! :) Miss and love you all. Those couches sure look inviting, along with the cascading water feature near them. :)

Melissa said...

i just smile when I think of you all!