Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fingerprinting party

Yesterday we had a good old fashion fingerprinting party!!

Now Sharon's side of the family is used to this kind of party (australian side that is), but this was my first.

Josh and Kristi Patty came over with some ink pads from the police station, it was BYOIP, we're cheap (thats my side of the family).

Sharon, Josh, and I got to lay down some prints on card stock and send them off to the Oregon State Police. We found out on Tuesday that Slovenia just changed the rules and not only do we need and FBI background check but we also need a state criminal records check. Sweet! We are gonna be so checked out... uh sorry I got nothin.

Here is my beautiful bride getting booked.

Here are Eliana's Mug Shots.
Look at that face and wild hair, already a hardened criminal

Oh and...


Tilen said...

Hey! Congratulation on your new BABY!!!!! :)

Emily said...

Hurray!!!! Tomorrow is a good day! Kit and I celebrate our 5th anniversary and Tony and Christi are having their baby boy!

Mana said...

Congrats!! I'll be praying for you!! :)