Friday, September 10, 2010

we're in and we're back

Well we moved into our new place 2 and a half weeks ago and it is amazing.
Our apartment is truly a huge gift from God.
I know many of you know just how important the home is to us and finding a place that is peaceful and recharges Sharon is super important. It helps our family to function smoothly and makes ministry that much more dynamic.

So we moved in on the 25th and on the 26th had an Ikea party. We invited some of the students we'll be working with to come over and help assemble hundreds and hundreds of parts, pieces, and particle board. which in the end create some cool stuff. The only prerequisite is following the wordless instructions (not always easy for me). Oh and the other rule was - You Build It, You Get To Sign It.

We had a great time building furniture.
Thanks SO MUCH to those who helped get done in one day what would taken me a week by myself, ya'll are awesome.

We also got internet yesterday! It took a few weeks but we are out of the stone age and back online.

Here are some action packed shots of the assembly line in our sweat shop.
(no, really it was super humid that day)
Handy Man Tilen workin the Omara (woredrobe)

Gašper killin it on the girls room

Master Carpenters Barbara and Polona who showed all us guys up with the skill and speed, and yet tender care with which they constructed.

Team work was key. Here is the A team in action.
(the guy on the far end is kinda like Mr. T)

It was amazing how easy the girls made it look compared to us stinky sweaty dudes. Laurel was a shining example, just look at her.

Here are the two foremen who ran the whole show... serious task masters.

Then after it was all said and done we had a sweet heaping plate of BBQ'd čevap. And if you don't know what that is then you gotta come visit and experience this tasty meat morsel for yourselves.

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Rakel said...

Wonderful....we are praying for you this week....glad you are doing well. The house looks great.