Monday, September 20, 2010

you gotta have patients

Sharon has done really well and for the most part enjoyed her time in the hospital here in Ljubljana.

It has been a very different experience than when we had Eliana a year and a half ago in the states.
Probably the biggest difference is the amount of time Sharon has had by herself and time with just her new baby. We had Maia Friday morning and then Sharon only got to see her about four hours that day. On Saturday she got to spend around 6-7 hours with Maia. On Sunday she got a little more time and today she spent most of the day with our new daughter. Hopefully they'll get released tomorrow. So she has had more and more time to be with Maia as they bond.

As far as visitors, when we had Eliana we had people stopping by all the time to visit and meet our baby. Not only were family and friends around a lot, I was there all the time. Heck I slept there at the hospital for 5 days. This time, visiting hours are from 3-6pm everyday. So the only visitor she gets this time is me (and Eliana came on Saturday). And only for 3 hours a day. I should add that we have been able to skype with our parents too. It was fun for them to see Maia the day after she was born even though they are around 5,590 miles away. God bless technology!

Lastly, all the new moms get issued a seafoam bathrobe to wear while they are checked in to the birthing center. Thats what they walk around in and lounge in too. Sharon wanted to walk around so today we went down to the cafe at the hospital to have a cup of joe in comfort and style.

I think its been kind of refreshing in some ways. She has been able to get some much needed rest after the c-section and some great time with her new little girl.

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