Wednesday, October 13, 2010

date night to remember

Last Friday Sharon and I got to go for a simple date night. We packed up the kiddos and made the 10 minute walk to old town Ljubljana.

We had a great time just strolling through beautiful old town for hours. We stopped to get some chest nuts, which by the way were roasting on and open fire. They smelled amazing. I thought they tasted alright, Sharon wasn't a huge fan, but Eliana loved them.

I showed Sharon some of the sights that I learned about on the tour of town that I took with my Slovene language class earlier that day. We ended up at the open market and decided to use the MlekoMat machine for the first time. For those of you not up on the trends here in SLO, there is a tendency towards natural methods and wholesome foods. SO this machine dispenses raw milk. You can even buy a bottle if you forgot yours at home, like we did. So we got a liter of raw milk for a euro and threw back a cold one there in the square. White mustaches and all.

I'm sure some would think this post to be utterly disgusting but I am gonna milk it for all its worth.

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theda said...

Love the name mixup. Looks like a great place to live. Plus all your girls look great. Glad it wasn't an udder disaster.