Saturday, October 30, 2010

Field Trip!!

Part of my Slovene language course consists of a Friday field trip every other week. Recently we had the chance to get out of the classroom and on to the streets... of a little town called Ribnica. Which by the way is known for its wood peddlers. It is the region of Slovenia where there are some people who make wooden ware such as buckets and spoons.

So we headed off to Ribnica where we got to walk around this cute little town and then to a guys house where we watched him put the finishing touches on a bucket.

Though exciting in its own way the best part of the day was that Sharon, Eliana, and Maia joined me out this outing. It was so fun for my class to meet my girls. One of the funny comments came from my teacher who was surprised that a guy who longboards to class everyday had a family, and such a cute one at that. Another girl in my class thought I was too young to have 2 kids. Lets just say she ain't gonna make a career out of being one of those people who guesses your age at the county fair.

We had fun and it was great for Sharon and the girls to get out and explore.

Here are a few shots of Eliana as she played around the old castle ruins of this quaint town.

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