Saturday, October 30, 2010

new name

As you may recall, Maia's birth certificate said her middle name is TOI instead of JOI. We got a kick out of it and more than a few jokes, but when we submitted all Maia's paperwork to the US Embassy the joke was much less funny. In order to get Maia's US birth certificate, passport, and social security number we had to get the correct name on her Slovene birth certificate.

It took 3 weeks to get her original certificate so I figured it would take at least a few more weeks. Sharon tried calling the Upravna Enota (administrative management of SLO) office and as soon as the operator heard her speaking in English they transferred her to someone else, who then transferred her to someone else, and so on, and so on until she reached the office of tourism where the lady who answered the phone spoke great english but had no idea how we could get a corrected birth certificate. So I decided to just go to the office and try to figure it out. When I stopped by the people were amazing and everyone was very helpful. The ladies working the department I needed were glad to help. When I stopped by the next day to pick it up they had a corrected version waiting for me.

We had our appointment at the US Embassy on Tuesday and after some paperwork, signatures, and a couple hundred or so dollars Maia is on her way to becoming a US citizen with a somewhat normal middle name.

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Anonymous said...

love the pic. joi is a good middle name :)

-Erin joy