Monday, May 05, 2008

All the Options

Wow!  What a week!  After a 12 hour bus ride, we arrived back from our vision trips in the wee hours this morning.  We return with hearts full of excitement about the possibilities ahead of us, and curiosity as to where the Lord will choose to lead us next.

Our journey began in Dublin, Ireland with a visit to Kelly and Kate, a couple who head up Crusade's work there.  They, along with a newly arrived missionary named Stephanie, are pioneering work on Dublin's 3 major universities.  Sharon and I loved spending time getting to know the team and the culture in which they live and work.  (Just so you know the fish and chips, as well as Guinness, were "magically delicious.")  As we got on the plane to come back to Lithuania we knew we could see ourselves being a part of the ministry there. 

When we got back to LT, we had two hours to shower, repack, and get to the bus station to travel the twelve hours to the Czech Republic.  Upon arrival, we were greeted at the train station by Laurie Jackson, an old time friend from Good Shepherd who serves as a missionary in Slovenia.  We spent four days getting to know what Josiah Venture was all about and honestly, loved it!  Not only was the content of the conference great, but the dynamic community shared between that group of 150 or so missionaries was amazing.   Interestingly enough, the life and culture of Slovenia sound so similar to what we have experienced in Lithuania.  We walked away from the J.V. conference knowing we would feel honored to work with the team in Slovenia and would be excited to start a ministry with university students in Ljubljana. 

So, we have 3 amazing possibilities in front of us: a church in Portland, Dublin with Crusade, or Slovenia with Josiah Venture.  Would you please continue to pray with us that we would clearly see and hear where the Lord is calling us next?

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us! 

Here are some photos from our trips:


Kate, Kelly, and Stephanie



Lauree "LO" Austin said...

It was great to spend time with you both and I will continue to pray for clarity from God as to your next steps. Keep rocking Lithuania with love!

David and Katarina Bordner said...

I think I checked out your blog once before but sadly did not know who you were...but with much joy - now I do! Both David and I really enjoyed spending time with you both at the Czech conference!! We will be praying for you!

christinastanton said...

MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!! We prayed for you today in our meeting. Looking forward to the next time we can connect face to face.

Matt & Sharon Mormance said...

It was so refreshing getting to spend time with you all! Thanks for your prayers! -- Matt & Sharon

Lori Jackson said...

We will keep praying for you as you have some big choices ahead of you. Regardless of where you end up, you are in our hearts.

Amy Woodard said...

We're praying for you guys! It was great to get some time with you two! Thanks for opening your hearts to us!