Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Last Agape Night

On Wednesday we had our final Agape night. Jason selected the topic of manipulation for the evening. "Does God manipulate or love us?" was the question he ended with, which fostered some provoking discussion.

After the discussion I asked the students if any of them were interested in taking responsibility to continue the ministry that has been started here in Kaunas. To my surprise almost all of those who came were interested in working to further what God has started. Now we are trying to figure out the best way to transfer leadership to a few students. So please pray that we can do a good job empowering them.

As I looked around the room I saw a group that God had brought together in a journey to get to know Jesus more. People who have found a safe place to wrestle with some of the bigger questions of life and spirituality. It was fun to watch as students stayed late trying to soak up one last bit of the community that has been built over the last year. It was a good and yet sad night as we wrapped up one portion of our ministry and yet there was an air of excitement to think about what it could become as students take over.

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Josh and Kristi said...

Way to finish well guys! Looks like a really neat group of people. I'm sure your going to miss them.