Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Water we waiting for

Yesterday was a busy day as Sharon trained two German missionaries in how to do disciple women and I prepared for our staff meeting.

The morning went well . . . until 11:30 when our doorbell rang.  As I opened the door I was greeted by our neighbor from below exclaiming, "Vandens! Vandens!" . . . which is Lithuanian for water.  Through my keen translation skills I knew she meant that water from my apartment was leaking into theirs.  I ran downstairs and sure enough liquid was steadily dribbling through their ceiling from my bathroom above.  So I promptly shut off my water main and we waited for my landlord and the plumbers to arrive.  

During the long and arduous afternoon that followed, four plumbers congregated in our bathroom and finally decided that a water pipe definitely had broken somewhere in our concrete floors. This meant that they would have to start tearing things apart the next day.  My poor landlord was so down knowing she is also liable for damage done to the neighbor's flat below.  I tried to console her, but the situation looked grim. This is the second time our water has self-destructed in the last year, and the previous bout took 1 1/2 months until all was functional again.  

The demolition team arrived at 8:15 this morning to start the process.  We are praying they will be able to fix the leak today because this evening is our Agape night dinner. Which by the way is exceptionally exciting since one of the students from our ministry is leading the event for the first time.  I know Kristina would love your prayers for tonight.  We are looking forward to what God will do through her!

Here is a sweet pic of our ladies. 
Kristina is the one in back.

This is my new found plumber buddy pondering the problem in our bathroom.


TeamHibbs said...

We're praying guys! love you!

Andrea's Africa Adventure said...

sweet challenges... OR opportunities to meet cool new plumber friends!?!