Friday, May 23, 2008

Sometimes. . .

. . . the craziest things happen during team Bible study.

Two weeks ago, during our study of I Peter, we came to the section that talked about women having a gentle and quiet spirit. . . and things began to get interesting. . .

Sharon: So many women have said to me, "Oh I wish I was quiet like you, but that's just not who I am. I guess I'll never be spiritual and beautiful in the way that is described in this passage.'" But that's not what this passage is talking about!!! Guys, what do you think about this passage?

. . . What they had to say was amazing! . . .

Sharon: Kellie, what are you thoughts on what they said?

Kellie: If I'm ever teaching at a women's conference, you guys can come talk at it.

Jason: Well, next time you teach at a conference, just let us know and we'll come.

Sharon: If only the ladies in LT could hear your thoughts! I know it would really impact them.

Matt: Well, don't you like to plan conferences?

Sharon: Well yeah. . . but we leave in a few weeks.

Then we all began to brainstorm about "what if" we could plan a conference in the next few weeks.

I knew I had to try to explore the possibility, so . . . the conference is tomorrow from 10-2.

Here are our three goals for tomorrow's time:
1. To communicate God's heart towards women - from women's perspective and from some men' perspective too.
2. To put some of our key students/contacts in the "1st chair."
(See 3 Chairs by Bruce Wilkinson. Note: Used to be titled First Hand Faith)
3. To facilitate an opportunity for Christian groups in Kaunas to cross-pollinate.

What an adventure! Would you please join us in prayer?

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TeamHibbs said...

i love it! we'll be praying :)