Friday, May 09, 2008


Wednesday was crazy. We decided to move our Agape night event to the girls apartment because we had limited water at our place. But Tiana woke up sick and mid way through the day went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep. So, we changed gears and decided to have our dinner and discussion at our place again.

The evening went really well and Kristina did a fabulous job. She allowed us to enter the heart breaking story of her childhood and teen years. Then explained how Jesus has given her hope, made her a new person, and allowed her to forgive those who have hurt her. The night was powerful as we watched God work, thanks for your prayers.

Also our water got fixed after a couple days.
Side Note for those of you who care about construction, the plumber flush cut all pipes going into the floors and walls. Then they surface mounted all new hot and cold water lines for our apartment. I think its a temporary fix till we leave and then they'll tear the place apart. Here is a shot in the bathroom of the shower and urinal.

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