Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rusty Done Died

Its true unfortunately... on Saturday we lost Rusty. We knew this day would come and we were preparing our hearts for it, but that didn't make it any easier. No one likes saying goodbye. But I must say the relationship has been a long and fun one and in the end we were glad that we got to be a small part of Rusty's life. Sorry... its just so hard to express my thoughts and feelings in a blog post.

It all started a year ago when Peter and Jen decided to buy a Lithuanian friends 1988 honda civic for a premium price of 280 dollars. Then when the Hibbs family left to go home in November they sold the car to us for a little less than they paid. We got many good months out of Rusty and she was definitely a blessing to our ministry. This takes us to the present situation and the fact that our car has been having problems for awhile. The transmission started sticking a month ago and Rusty had some troubles getting from first gear to second. I took her to the mechanic who literally laughed at me when I asked if it was worth it to fix her. It was then that I knew the end was near and we all began bracing ourselves for the day when the little car that could... just couldn't anymore.
That day came on Saturday after the women's conference when Rusty finally decided to give up the ghost. We were driving some supplies the 5 blocks home from church when I felt the transmission give out. Using my Jedi skills I kicked her into neutral and we coasted for 2 blocks or so until I met my worst nightmare, a red light. As cars flew around us, Sharon steered the rest of the way while I pushed the last half block through the heart of the city to our apartment.

I guess it was all for the best since gas is up to 6.90 a gallon and Rusty will move on to a better place, which by the way is the metal scrap yard where I can get 130 dollars for her.

I would love to think up a little eulogy for Rusty about when life hands you a lemon you make some fun drink from it but my heart is just too heavy at the moment.


Melissa said...

my deepest condolences... :-)

Matt Guerino said...

A eulogy? Well, sure - thanks for asking!


The pile known as Rusty
We knew it's day would come
Will it be today?
"Yes," seemed to say
that tranny rattle & hum

Then huffing and a-heaving
Matt pushed the pile on foot
The bride inside
To home to guide
knew then Rusty'd gone kaput

RIP big fella. Too bad you can't eat it after it's dead like you can a Sudanese goat...

David and Katka said...

ooooo no...that's not fun when your car brakes down :( Maybe you should get a horse now, since gas costs so much? just joking. Sorry about the car. Thinking of you