Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ladies Conference Post Game Report

Wow! I am so proud of our team! The Lord worked through each one of them is such amazing ways! Here is a glimpse into the day:

Tiana has a gift for giving people a warm welcome and making them feel at home - so she led our welcoming committee. This comes so naturally to her that I don't think she realizes just how gifted she is in this. (She used this time to train two other girls in how to give a warm and effective welcome.)

We opened with a skit (led by a couple girls from the InnerVarsity group here). I wish I had a photo of Polina, Ugne and Tiana doing this skit, but I was busy running the slide show. Next we played a quick game of Bingo to get them mingling - this was something like controlled choas.

Next, Kellie spoke on True Beauty and let me tell you - she spoke powerfully and vulnerably. The girls were listening to her every word! Then, Kristina shared her testimony and included a powerful gospel message.

Oh, by the way, ask Kellie sometime what she used as her opening illustration for her talk - it was awesome! ;-)

After this morning session we headed down to the youth room where the guys had prepared a special Italian lunch, complete with candles, flowers and Il Divo playing in the background. Did I mention they even wore ties! Seriously - they went all out!

Kellie led a special pampering time (Satin Hands by Mary Kay - sooo nice!)
Tiana handed out door prizes.
Then we headed back upstairs where Jason, Matt and Edgaras shared their thoughts on True Beauty. The fact that men were willing to speak on this topic with the ladies had a deep impact.

2 o'clock came and we needed to end, but Edgaras had a question for any ladies who could stay a little later: What do the men of Lithuania needed to hear? Oh man! They didn't hold back. Wow! But we know that Edgaras could handle it - in fact he is the kind of guy who would really go home and think deeply on what the ladies said. Who knows? Maybe he'll hold a conference for men sometime in the future!

Matt - The conference was a hit! Our ladies did an absolutely brilliant job! Everyone seemed to be quite encouraged from the day. (you can tell I titled this post)


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...
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Anonymous said...

oh you guys this is soo great!! I'm impressed that you all are putting in 110% effort in your last days! And god has blessed your efforts. I wish I could have been there and participated and heard Kellie speak ;)